Terry Mort

"Terry Mort has degrees in literature from Princeton University and the University of Michigan. After graduate school he served as an officer in the Navy. He is the author of seven novels and six works of non-fiction, with more projects still to come, with luck."

A lot of the website bios I’ve seen are written in the third person.  Maybe some of them were written by people other than the main character, so the third person is appropriate.  It sounds a little formal, though, and since I am writing this thing myself, I figure first person makes sense and is friendlier. Also, most bios are short and to the point.  But in digital publishing there are no space limitations, so I see no need to write a succinct curriculum vitae.  Instead I’ll tell anyone who’s interested something about where I came from and what I’ve done, leaving out anything that might be unflattering.  The danger here is long-windedness, and I will try to avoid its curse.  I am well aware of Pascal’s comment to a friend in which he apologized for writing such a long letter, because he didn’t have time to write a short one.  On the other hand, there’s a fair amount to cover.  And I take refuge in the fact that a bored reader is only a click away from something that might be more interesting... Read On

Author's books

Showdown at Verity


The second novel in the Ethan Grey trilogy. Ethan Grey has seen too many good people die to regret killing the bad ones. An educated man, a former sailor who shelled Vicksburg for the Union Navy, Grey has come to Hell’s own training ground on the Mexican border. The Pinkertons want him to find out who hijacked an army payroll and left eight soldiers dead beneath the blazing sun. Amid ambush and bloody betrayal, he’s right at home.

The Lawless Breed


The third novel in the Ethan Grey trilogy. T. A. [Terry] Mort is a shining new star in Western fiction. His novels are drenched in period detail and evoke a time in American Western history (the 1880s) that few writers have been able to capture successfully. His work is colorful, with solid, believable characterizations. Mort writes in the tradition of the finest Western storytellers: Ernest Haycox, Louis L’Amour, and Larry McMurtry. Mort’s protagonist, Ethan Gray, like Brand’s Destry and L’Amour’s Sackett Brothers, is larger than life, but nevertheless believably human.” In this book Ethan travels the length of Arizona in pursuit of assorted criminals, and along the way, to his surprise, he also acquires a family.

The Reasonable Art of Fly Fishing


“If I were asked to teach someone to fish with a fly I would require that he read this book first.  One of the acid tests of an introductory book…is that the text allow the reader to learn a skill independent of the illustrations. Fly casting is very difficult to teach in person, and even more so in print, yet this book contains the best, the most interesting, and the most effective introduction to fly casting I have ever read.  I think Terry Mort puts the emphasis in the right places…He doesn’t neglect entomology, but he devotes twice as many words to trout behavior, a far more interesting and useful pastime if you must introduce a scientific bent into your fishing. If this is your first fly-fishing book, you are very fortunate – you’re starting off on the right track. If you’ve read others before, I think you’ll agree with me that you wish this had been your first.” — Tom Rosenbauer, Author of The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing

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