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What Hamlet Said

“Mort makes a fascinating read out of every subject he takes up.” — The Associated Press

“Mr. Mort’s lucid, often beautifully written books are a pleasure to read.” — The Wall Street Journal

“The terms noir and delightful usually aren’t used together, but they pair up happily in this entertaining romp. Mort has fun with noir conventions but never mocks them—a difficult trick to bring off and he does it masterfully.” — Booklist

“Terry Mort writes hard boiled detective fiction like we all imagine it was once written…. Mort’s writing is silky smooth and very readable.” — Mark Rose, Bookgasm

icon-synopsis[SYNOPSIS] Hollywood in the Thirties: Nazi saboteurs, gangsters running gambling ships, British spies and diplomats, FBI agents, starlets looking for the big break, cheap hustlers on the fringes of the law, local cops – some are friends and some are adversaries, but all are involved somehow with Riley Fitzhugh, a private eye who’s wondering whether the death of an English aristocrat really was an accident.

What Hamlet Said by Terry Mort


ISBN: 9781946409881

Publisher: Penmore Press

Paperback| e-Book

330 pages

Barnes & Noble

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Penmore Press

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