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The Voyage of the Parzival

“Terry Mort is an author extraordinaire.” Ann LaFarge, The Hudson Valley News

Synopsis[SYNOPSIS] The first novel in the Ethan Grey trilogy. “It’s not my fight,” said Ethan Grey. It didn’t matter. Mexico was at war, and he was in it. He’d wanted a cruise in warm waters, a chance to forget the war he’d just fought, the War Between the States. But the ship he chose so casually had another mission, and like it or not Ethan Grey was on board. The storms at sea, the battles with enemy ships, the long trip overland through hostile territory, the flight from French mercenaries; it became his war, too. But this time, at least it was simpler. It was just a fight for his friends. And for Maria.

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Showdown at Verity   The Lawless Breed
The Voyage of the Parzival    

ISBN: 9781934757970

Publisher: Fireship Press

Paperback | e-Book

264 pages

  Fireship Press