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Hemingway at War

“Mort’s attention to detail and contextual richness form an invaluable contribution to Hemingway scholarship and a must-read for Hemingway enthusiasts.” ~ Booklist

“As the author of THE HEMINGWAY PATROLS, Terry Mort knows his subject and has employed many print and on-line sources on Hemingway, his wives, his antebellum and postwar life and experiences, as well as related World War II subjects.  The photographic section contains many photos of Hemingway taken with his friends and in the course of his wartime exploits. For those with an interest in Ernest Hemingway, his wartime experiences or even combat correspondence, this is a well written and insightful book.  It provides a look into the mind and attitudes of a man who was more at home with those combat veterans who risked all and whom he admired as part of the masculine fraternity. Yet he held in contempt those who had not been there to risk death and dismemberment and would never command his respect.” ~ New York Journal of Books

“An attempt to fill a gap in an otherwise thoroughly examined life. Entertaining.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

icon-synopsis[SYNOPSIS] From Omaha Beach on D-Day and the French Resistance to the tragedy of Huertgen Forest and the Liberation of Paris, this is the story of Ernest Hemingway’s adventures in journalism during World War II.

In the spring of 1944, Hemingway traveled to London and then to France to cover World War II for Colliers Magazine.

Obviously, he was a little late in arriving. Why did he go? He had resisted this kind of journalism for much of the early period of the war, but when he finally decided to go, he threw himself into the thick of events and so became a conduit to understanding some of the major events and characters of the war.

He flew missions with the RAF (in part to gather material for a novel); he went on a landing craft on Omaha Beach on D-Day; he went on to involve himself in the French Resistance forces in France and famously rode into the still dangerous streets of liberated Paris. And he was at the German Siegfried line for the horrendous killing ground of the Huertgen Forest, in which his favored 22nd Regiment lost nearly every man they sent into the fight. After that tragedy, it came to be argued, he was never the same.

This invigorating narrative is also, in a parallel fashion, an investigation into Hemingway’s subsequent work—much of it stemming from his wartime experience—which shaped the latter stages of his career in dramatic fashion.

Hemingway at War


ISBN: 9781681772479

Publisher: Pegasus

Hardcover | e-Book

304 pages

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